May 27, 2021

Poem by J Isom — I see so many women talk about men as if there’s no more that is good. While they make bad choices, the nice ones stay overlooked. I’m not saying I’m a saint. Honestly, I’m far from perfect… But on my worst day, I can treat you better than your current. Even if you don’t leave him, I ask that the reason not be because you think that he’s the better guy. Go ahead and deprive yourself of what you’ve been needing for so long, as long as I know that you recognize. Recognize that I’m the lesser of two evils, your choices are what you’re used to or the next turn up ahead. I guarantee that even if it doesn’t last forever, by the end of it you’ll still be further ahead. That’s because I’ll be the one that’ll make you raise the bar higher. The way I see it, right now your standards are lower than tripwire. Come on, don’t you get tired… of failed relationships? The same situations? But honey it’s a matrix that you’ve created and placed yourself in. You fail to take responsibility for your actions and that’s why you’re so hateful to men. Aren’t you tired of being the one having to take all the shit? But not just that, pay for his shit? I’m not saying I’ll be your sugar daddy, but I’m a guy who on a good day can at least pay for his chick. At least pay for my own and not have to stress you, And look you in the eyes and tell you that you’re special. You seem to believe these other guys when they’re telling lies. But I won’t just sell you some bullshit, I’ll make you recognize. Even if you’ve been with six guys and I’m the seventh guy... I won’t judge you as long as you recognize. Recognize that I’m different, well honestly I was... But I’m starting to believe that being mistreated is what you love. So forget it I’m so fed up, I don’t even want a relationship, I just want you to recognize. Recognize that I could be all that you require, more than your regular requirement of desire. But I’m tired... Tired of being overlooked then coming to see complaints of what you chose instead on Facebook. Just know that I’m better than the decisions you’re making. With the same small amount of consideration, it took for you to choose your mistake, you can choose me, the decision waiting. And I won’t even be mad if you don’t spread your thighs, As long as you know I can pleasure you better than what you’re used to, if not then you better recognize! But go ahead continue in the same pattern... Of giving yourself to people who don’t give u satisfaction. Mentally and physically, speaking figuratively and literally. Just recognize that there is a man out there who can, don’t forget that it’s me.

J Isom

I've been writing since childhood all the way through adulthood. Just never had the confidence & drive to pursue it as a career until now. https://j-isom.medium