What Kind Of Bank Is This?

J Isom
1 min readMay 27, 2021

Ok, maybe I’m a little dumb for these questions but you’re gonna have to excuse me if I’m a little confused.

So... do they sell you weed before or after you bank with them?

Is the currency weed?

Do they help people open up weed shops?

Or are they just bankers who are also stoners?

Can you imagine doing a bank transaction and your teller is high as shit?

Teller shows up at the counter smelling like dank weed, eyes bloodshot red, does the transaction, and then is like "Whoa! You don’t have any more money in your account bro but here you can have this doobie from the spliff I smoked earlier if it’ll make you feel better man. Here, lemme give you back your sausage biscuit... I mean debit card... dude I’m so hungry right now..."

What is this company’s business model? "Smoke smoke smoke, then bank."
What’s their slogan? "Bank with us and smoke weed every day!"

Really gives new meaning to the phrase "Contact your local branch..."
Ok I’m done I just couldn’t help myself.




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